Hair do one of the important aspects of ones personality


Hair is one of the important aspects of one’s personality. Girls have a lot to explore when it comes to hair styling and believe me they give whatever they can to have their expectations become reality but it rarely happens. What pisses off a girl is the fact that despite spending time, energy and money there expectation is at par with the reality.

half bun hairstyle

Long black locks, shiny and smooth texture, sweet curls, perfect hair cut is a dream of every other girl . Girls put a lot to have those but all your dreams cannot be fulfilled. So in haste of getting a near to perfect they end up having more than imperfect .

middle part hair

Girls cannot compromise on their looks neither the world allows them to. They need themselves to be best among the rest. They have to look deeper into every single minute detailing of their makeup and after giving so much what they receive is a short lived happiness. They get scared as if they have seen a ghost after they look at themselves in the mirror .

magnifying mirror

Applying lipstick and perfectly contouring is two different things. Once they have luckily been successful in getting a perfect shade of lips with perfect contouring the struggle for keeping it intact begins. Caution is taken while eating, drinking, talking which brings discomfort not only for oneself but also for the onlookers.

trying to save lipstick

When it comes to eyes, Eye liner, mascara, kajal comes to the rescue but only when you have got expertise in that field. It’s always the eye which comes at the second place while applying the stuff which determines what has to be done with the first one. Getting a Doe eye is that which remains a dream for the majority.

Imagine looking at your legs and hands and getting a feeling like being in the age of early men. Hairs all over the hands and legs except the place where it needs to be is such a disgust.

disgusted hair

After having a tiring session of shaving and waxing even a little bit of hair left over your hands or legs comes to your notice gives you a shock of 144 volt. It is as if all your world has come to stand still.

shaving or waxing hair

Finding her favourite jeans while hunting down your wardrobe and you think to give it a try but she is surprised that her accumulated fat has brought her the worst nightmare.

jeans nightmare

After experiencing the horror of the accumulated fat the struggle for getting into shape begins. Regime begins with yoga, exercise, gym and with such enthusiasm but spark fades away as the taste buds becomes more active and there is always an excuse for skipping the regime.

yoga and me
Regime begins with yoga

Those five days of month about which male section seems to be more inquisitive as compared to the female. The boys imagine the girls to be swimming in the pool of blood during their periods. While the girls are busy hoping that this one leaves less mark than the last one.

my period
period looks like

Life is not easy for girls trying to make up with the expectations and face the reality.

Image Courtesy : Cassandra

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