Bravery And Courage Are Necessary For Good Leaders

Brave and Courage

Small children are afraid of darkness. they feel that their are are danger looking in it. The need of presence of parents or elders to reassure them. This is natural. What appears to be strange is that people grown up. Their fear of everything seems to increase.Most people are neither brave nor courageous.

Small children are afraid of darkness | Brave and Courage
Small children are afraid of darkness

What are small children afraid of?

They are afraid of everyone and everything around them. superstitious beliefs help to increase this fear.

 Superstitious Beliefs | Brave and Courage
Superstitious Beliefs

A child is afraid that his parents may scold him or beat him. A student is afraid that teacher will punish him. An adult is afraid that he may lose his job. Some are afraid that the roof may collapse. Others may feel that lightning may strike. These are all fears that worry different people.

A Doctor Showing Funny Images To Patient | Brave and Courage
A Doctor Showing Funny Images To Patient

Unnecessary fear causes tension and anxiety. Life become measurable for many due to such fears. There is no need to fear anyone or anything in the world. Children need not fear teachers, teachers need not fear management, employees need not fear employers and humans being in general need not fear natural calamities. We are children of god. He is loving and most powerful. Nothing happens without his knowledge.

Brave and Courage
God Is Powerful

Why should we fear?

We need to fear only when we do some wrong, for we thereby offend our most loving father. As long as we have trust in god and we do no wrong there is no need of fear. We should be brave and courageous, knowing that we have our father with us.

Courage to Adoption | Brave and Courage
Courage to Adoption

Bravery And Being Courageous Are Necessary For Good Leaders

Bravery and courageous are very necessary for everybody, specially for good leaders. Achievements and success are possible only with bravery and courage. No one likes or appreciates cowards or timid people.

Brave and Courage
Brave and Courage

Bravery Is The Ability To Suffer Pain

Bravery is the preparedness or ability to face danger or suffer pain. No fire, no bullet, no wild animal, no danger can keep back a brave person. Our soldiers who guard our nations are brave. They don’t fear the enemy or his guns. Father Damien was brave and worked with leapers. Mother Teresa was brave and looked after the neglected and the dying.

Mother Teresa And Neglected Kid | Brave and Courage
Mother Teresa And Neglected Kid

Courageous is the readiness to face a danger, the ability to endure danger or difficulty. Facing our enemy or a national calamity call for physical courage.

Brave and Courage
Brave and Courage

Courage To Help Others Physically

Saving a dying man from a burning house, saving a drowning man from a river, rescuing a person from the clutches of a wild animal and dragging a desperate person from the railway track before he or she is crushed by the rushing train are all risky and call for courage. It is physical courage. We should have physical courage. Many awards are given to people who exhibit extra ordinary physical courage. It is the result of concern for others. It demands selfishness.

Courage To Fulfill Dreams | Brave and Courage
Courage To Fulfill Dreams

True Character Develop Moral Courage

More important than physical courage is moral courage. It is the courage to do what one thinks to be right. It is very imperative that we develop moral courage. True character depends on moral courage. It is very difficult to stick to our principles and beliefs when others oppose. Copernicus said that the sun didn’t move, it was the earth that moved around it. He said it at a time when the whole world believed the converse. He stuck to his discoveries and of course suffered for it. Joan of Arc was burnt alive but she stood by what she said.

Sabrina Pasterski | Brave and Courage
Sabrina Pasterski

Moral courage demand a lot of scarifies. One may lose friends, position… and even life. One must be prepared to face all these situation courageously.

Marine Keep Promise | Brave and Courage
Marine Keep Promise

Moral Courage May Requires Loneliness

In school many students may copy homework, some may steal chemicals from the lab, some may use bad words and many may indulge in bad habits. A student with moral courage will object to these acts even if he or she is threatened, abused or attacked. He or she may have suffer a lot. He or she may even lose every friend but will prove that moral courage requires us to do what is right.

Copy Homework Meme | Brave and Courage
Copy Homework Meme

Eventually such people will be admired, appreciated and respected. Let us be brave and courageous and do what is right. ‘Let us not fear for we have god with us’.

Hard Life | Brave and Courage
Hard Life

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