50 Epic Fails: Girls stuck Compilation


Epic Fails are humorous and embarrassing mistakes of Girls Stuck.

These are humiliating situations and the laughable situation with great exaggeration when Girls stuck in this way that became funny and charming.

Girl Stuck in a drain

A Chinese teenager got hurt and stuck in a drain— embarrassing situation— this is a lesson about blind walking when her entire leg got lodged in a drain while texting on a phone.

The girl’s leg slipped through the metal bar grill of the drain, up to her thigh in China.

Her leg was set down, and she was unable to move or free herself.

Passersby consoling the girl, and called the fire department, those make it possible to remove the bars and free the girl. She was scratched and rubbed hard, but not seriously hurt.

Jun Niu an eyewitness, who posted this picture of the girl, said she was embarrassed to be trapped in the situation.

When You See It Scary

Epic Fail, A Tall girl, and Short Ceiling so that her leg Stuck in a wedge

Darby Risner, 15, of Trussville, Alabama, A girl Darby Risner, 15, of Trussville, Alabama was stuck firmly inside a giant purple dinosaur head when she attempted to prank her friends This is epic fails

Epic Fails Girls Stuck


Epic Fails when girls stuck in the fence

Firefighters used saws and grinder tools to free the woman who tried to hurdle the fence of Vine Cemetery in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

In China, a Pregnant Woman Gets Stuck in Fence on Busy Street

Girls Stuck in a strange situation

Strange and epic fails footages are rolling in from China of girls stuck in a fence in the middle of a road after she tried to cross at the wrong place.