Awkward Moment

Funny Meme For The Awkward Moments You Realize

Funny Meme For The Awkward Moments You Realize When You’re trying to take your sweater off and your T-shirt comes off too.

You accidentally call your teacher “Mom” in front of the whole class.

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Goodbye Funny Meme

You say goodbye to someone and you both walk off in the same direction.

You’re so fluent in sarcasm that people actually think you’re very stupid.

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Awkward moments when you’re trying to high-five someone and you both miss. OR … you’re trying to high-five someone and they don’t raise their hand so you end up looking stupid.

Funny Meme of Party Dress

You go to a party in your new dress and find someone wearing exactly the same dress as you.

You’re in a movie theater and you don’t know which armrest you’re entitled to.

You’re searching for someone’s name and accidentally make it your status update on Facebook.


Awkward moments when your crush doesn’t come to school and you feel like you wasted a good outfit.

Creepy Funny Meme

You look under your bed and there actually IS a monster hanging out there.

You change your Facebook status to single and your jerk of an ex likes it.

You’re still waiting for your acceptance letter from Hogwarts though you’re not 11 anymore.

Awkward moments when your teacher asks you to read out loud from your textbook but you have no clue what page it’s on because you’ve been sleeping.

The dentist asks you a question when your mouth is wide open.

You check your phone after five hours and expect about three hundred messages, but there are only two texts from your mom asking you to get milk.



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